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Help For Tenants As Rent Hits Record Highs

23 December 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Research carried out this week has shown what many tenants have long suspected; rent prices in the UK are now at a record high. The average property in England or Wales now costs around £718 per month. In this tough economic climate, with many

The Unique Intersection of Property, Psychology and Technology

08 December 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

In his autobiography, Steve Jobs speaks about the intersection of humanities and science as the driving force behind innovation at Apple and his belief that the reason Apple resonates with people is that ‘there is a deep current of humanity in

Buy To Let Mortgages: The Next Step

07 December 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

According to The Council of Mortgage Advisers, buy to let mortgages have seen a surge in popularity recently, with £3billion worth of buy to let loans approved in the first quarter of this year alone. Compared with £2.1billion in 2010, th

Sell A House Independently With I Am The Agent

07 December 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Contemplating selling a property is a daunting prospect, especially with such shadows being cast over the housing market. First time sellers or those unsure of the would traditionally go to an estate agent for help rather than contemplating going it

Letting A Property Has Never Been Easier Than With I Am The Agent

25 November 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Estate agents are renowned for their high commission charges, and with fears over the state of the property market and the economic climate in general, those looking to let a property are being forced to explore alternative methods. I Am The Agent is

I Am The Agent Radio Jingles

25 November 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

I Am The Agent is taking to the airwaves around London with a brand new radio campaign! Devised by the team behind the self service letting agency and no commission estate agents, I Am The Agent’s catchy jingles are designed to alert landlords

Milestone 10,000 Registered Clients Looking To Rent or Buy With I AmThe Agent

23 November 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

I Am The Agent, the self service estate agent specialising in quick property rentals for landlords and no commission property sales for homeowners has reached a milestone 10,000 registered clients. The figure means thousands of would be tenants and p

Discover A New Take On Real Estate Rules as I Am The Agent Launches

02 November 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

A new website designed to revolutionise the sales and rental process for those keen to avoid traditionally high estate agent commission charges has launched. IamTheAgent.com is a self-styled online estate agent, giving owners and landlords the chance

Online Estate Agent Launches Free Property Valuation Service

01 November 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

House prices have fallen to record lows over the past five years and, as has been constantly drummed into us, the housing market remains on unsteady ground. Many homeowners now have no idea what their home is worth and how much it would sell for, and

Multi Property Landlords

02 October 2011  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

The economic slump, fall in house prices and continuing threat of unemployment have all played havoc with the property market over the course of the last two years. There is light at the end of the tunnel though for one group in particular – th