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Mortgage news!

02 March 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Here is a summary of the key changes and announcements in the mortgage market for this week. Gross Mortgage Lending for January hit its highest level since 2008. Data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders confirmed £18,9bn lent, which was an inc

Mortgage News from I Am The Agent HQ

07 February 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Here is a summary of the key changes and announcements in the mortgage market for this week. · Santander have softened its policy on interest only lending to help the older client. The bank will now lend to clients up to the age of 70, so this

2017 Housing Forecasts from the Experts.

29 January 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

What lies in store for the UK housing market? Some of the country's leading property experts offer their views. Whether you own a home or you're thinking of buying one online, how thehousing marketmight fare in 2017 is likely to be of interest. Court

Property market update courtesy of Rightmove, our trusted partner

19 January 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Rightmove is the UK’s largest property portal, and they have shared their insight into what 2017 might bring for the UK sales and lettings markets. Their overall headline is that markets will remain strong, with robust demand (subject to region

What does a Trump presidency mean for UK house prices?

14 December 2016  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

2016 has certainly been a year of change. The pro-Brexit vote shocked much of the population, but the biggest shock of all was Donald Trump winning the US presidential race. Both of the aforementioned sent ripples through a number of sectors –

Is a buy to let the best way to supplement my pension?

03 November 2016  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Good news if you’re planning a buy-to-let investment in the next few months – the latest figures show that the sector is literally as strong as houses! Rightmove says it recorded a 30 per cent increase in buy-to-let enquiries last month &

Is now the right time to get a buy to let mortgage?

01 September 2016  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Buy-to-let mortgages account for a significant portion of the UK market. They made up over a fifth of new lending in the first quarter of 2016, with loans totally £13bn.. If done at the right time, a buy-to-let investment can yield substantial

What will happen to the property market post-Brexit?

24 June 2016  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

There was plenty of speculation about how the property market would be affected by a Leave vote in the lead up to the Brexit referendum. The outcome of the vote seems to have taken our political leaders by surprise and has led to David Cameron’

Stamp Duty – worrying news about new rules affecting stake in part-owned property

12 May 2016  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

I Am the Agent, the UK’s largest online estate agency, has discovered some very worrying news about the new stamp duty rules and how they might affect couples, for example in the situation where one wants to buy the other’s share in a joi

The April Stamp Duty Increase – How will it affect you?

08 February 2016  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Being hailed as the “final nail in the coffin of small landlords,” the upcoming increase in stamp duty will dramatically change the way that property management, online estate agencies and home buying will operate in the UK in coming year