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Salford, Cambridge and Brough Are Property Hotspots For Sellers and Landlords

31 July 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Much of the focus is on London’s booming property market, but opportunistic sellers and landlords are making the most of the brand new property hotspots springing up in Cambridge, Salford and Brough. I Am The Agent, one of the country’s l

I Am The Agent Helps Buyers and Sellers Counteract Stamp Duty

28 July 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

With experts predicting that the vast majority of property buyers will be paying 3% stamp duty within just two years, I Am The Agent is calling on all those thinking of moving home to minimise their costs as much as possible with their self-service e

Regular Estate Agents Stand To Gain £2,797 In Commission On Every Property As House Prices Soar

18 June 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

As house prices soar, I Am The Agent is encouraging potential vendors to get the most from their property sales by choosing a fixed-fee service that will minimise the commission paid to estate agents. It’s been revealed that traditional agency

HMRC, the OFT and what it means for landlords

17 April 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

On the 1st of April 2014 legislation formally came into practice regarding the HMRC and the taking over of estate agency businesses, which comes under the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007. Previously this was supervised by the Office of Fair Trad

Essential Tips For Letting and Selling Your Property Online

16 April 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Selling your property can be one of the most daunting tasks you undertake. While many people think finding a new home is hard, most of the trouble can come with finding a buyer for your existing property and also dealing with estate agents. If you ar

Mortgage Application Rejections Set To Increase This Summer

04 April 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Getting a mortgage in the post-2007 economic climate was not easy for many people however the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) revealed that last year was the best year for mortgage approvals since the financial crisis. However new intrusive questio

A Review Of The Property Market In 2013

07 January 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

2013 saw considerable growth in the UK property market with house prices rising by 8.4% over the course of the year*. There was a rise in all regions of the UK but the main driver was London where the growth was 14.9% and the National Housing Federat

Green Deal Incentives And The New Private Rented Sector Regulations

20 December 2013  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Green Deal Incentives And The New Private Rented Sector Regulations It can be very lucrative to rent out your private property however there have been some big changes in the private rented sector recently. Two of these are the new regulations that h

When is The Best Time of Year to Rent or Sell a Property online?

21 September 2013  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

When it comes to finding or renting a property online, you may be wondering if one month or season may be better than the next. There are of course, traditionally quiet times in the property market (not many for I Am The Agent), fortunately this will

Why Customer Service Makes All The Difference With Online Property Rental Agents

09 August 2013  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Landlords can find online property rental quite a challenge, there is a lot to do and as a landlord you want to be certain that you aren’t exposed to legal issues in any way. Usually landlords opt to take on a traditional estate agents to promo