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A Review Of The Property Market In 2013

07 January 2014  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

2013 saw considerable growth in the UK property market with house prices rising by 8.4% over the course of the year*. There was a rise in all regions of the UK but the main driver was London where the growth was 14.9% and the National Housing Federat

Number of First Time Landlords Entering the Buy-To-Let Market at its Highest Level Since September 2012

17 May 2013  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

A new survey by one of the UK’s largest landlord providers has cast an optimistic light on the buy-to-let industry. Mortgage provider Paragon has confirmed that the number of first time landlords entering the market is now at its highest level

Market Conditions

25 September 2012  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

Research into buyer behaviour on the Rightmove website shows that potential buyers spend an average of just 2.7 seconds looking at a seller’s summary advert before deciding whether to take their interest further, or move on to look at other pro