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Spotlight on Thamesmead

02 August 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Thamesmead is a town located 9.4 miles from Charring Cross in Central London and has a population of over 31,000 people according to the 2011 census. The Greater London Council developed Thamesmead to resolve the post war housing crisis mid-1960s to

Rental growth and affordability report published by Hometrack

07 July 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

The latest rental growth and rental affordability report as at July 2017 has been published by @HometrackGlobal. The headlines are: Residential rental growth over the last decade has ranged from +45% to -7% across regions. The variance is largely exp

A Handy Guide For Tenants  – A guide for first time renters

28 June 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Are you ready to move away from home and enter the renting world? We’re here to help! Esther is the youngest member of our client services team here at I Am The Agent and, as a young renter herself, she has created a handy essential guide for f

Safety checks following Grenfell Tower fire

26 June 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

The Department for Communities and Local Government has issued a letter of advice to owners of private residential buildings in England regarding cladding tests following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower. This important information has been released

I Am The Agent's Handy Guide To Upgrading Your Listing On Rightmove

22 June 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Advertise your property on Rightmove with a Featured Listing So, you are reaching millions by marketing on Rightmove and Zoopla (ZPG) through I Am The Agent, the trusted online estate agent, and you are thinking 'Should I upgrade my listing on Rightm

Spotlight on Manchester

21 June 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Manchester is a metropolitan borough which, as at 2015, had a population of 530,300. It lies within the second-most populous urban area in the UK, with an overall population of 2.55 million The earliest recorded history of Manchester was a civilian s

Be prepared for section 24 ...

13 June 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

The provisions of the much-discussed Section 24 of the Finance Act kicked in in April 2017, and will be implemented in phases over a four year period up to 2021. All private landlords who receive rental income on residential property in the UK or els

Spotlight on Highgate

25 May 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Highgate is one of the most expensive of London’s suburbs, about five miles north of Charing Cross. Until it was swallowed up by the Victorian suburbs it was a distinct village straddling the road to the north. It has wonderful Georgian and Vic

More May mortgage news ...

24 May 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Here is our regular summary of the key changes and announcements in the mortgage market for this week. Mortgage Trust have announced some new BTL rates and in view of recent increased demand for longer term fixed rates they have looked at their 5 yea

Spotlight on the City of London

05 May 2017  |  Admin  |  0 Comments

Have you ever thought about living in the Square Mile? It wasn’t too long ago that the City was almost a resident-free zone, with no life in the streets after working hours or at the weekend. Nowadays it’s a thriving residential district,