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Looking For A Rental Property? Find Your Perfect Match This Valentine’s Day With I Am The Agent

Although reports from high street lenders paint an encouraging picture of more affordable LTV mortgages for first time buyers trickling into the marketplace, many young people who prefer to rent are finding it difficult to meet their perfect property match due to rising rental prices. I Am The Agent, the self service online letting agency, has the perfect solution with its nationwide network of private properties to rent. With an affordable fee structure in place for landlords, these savings can be passed on to the tenants, making for a match made in property heaven this Valentine’s Day.

According to the Resolution Foundation, the proportion of low and middle income (LMI) earners aged 35 and under renting has more than tripled from 14% in the late 1980s to 47% today. This increase has been attributed to a lack of affordable LTV mortgages for first-time buyers and stagnant wages resulting in many young people being stuck in rented accommodation.

The foundation has also reported that during the past decade housing costs have become a huge burden for tenants, with private sector rents soaring by a third between 1999-2000 and 2009-10. As a conseqence, it has been estimated that one fifth of LMI households are finding it difficult to keep up with the high costs of a mortgage or rent. With low wages in this tough economic climate, those wanting to get away from renting have found it extremely difficult.

If you’re a tenant looking for a great value rental property, taking advantage of the revolutionary self service letting agency, I Am The Agent is a no-nonsense way to find the best rental accommodation within your budget. With no tenant fee charges incurred for match-making you with your new property; tenants looking for a rental property can save on average £165+ agency fee charged by many traditional high street agents.

Tenants are also invited to subscribe to the alert service to receive a message notification as soon as a suitable property is listed.

To find out more about I Am The Agent and start searching for a new property to rent anywhere in the UK, visit www.iamtheagent.com

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