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Maximising enquiries on your property

According to Rightmove the leading property portal the average time given by tenants and buyers is 3 seconds to view your property summary. When renting or selling a private property on line you must get it right and reach your target audience with a bang so here's a quick low down on how to maximise those 3 SECONDS:


Thinking about the 3P’s. Below are some of the key insights from the Rightmove campaign on the 3 P’s of property marketing:



It can be hard to know where to start when deciding on the right price to market your property. When considering price, we can offer you guidance on rentals and personal valuations on sales we will offer you valuable guidance with this decision. However you have the final say, so it pays to have the intel. Use of Rightmove tools to help determine the right asking price. If you are already on the market but interest in your property has slowed, you can also use Rightmove tools to review the asking price and then speak to your I Am The Agent to double check that your price is still competitive and realistic.



When you’ve got less than three seconds to impress a potential homemover, first impressions count! Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyer/ tenants and think about how you can make your property stand out from the competition. Overall your aim is for viewers to be able to visualise living there, so the more of a blanket canvas you create, the easier it will be to spark the imagination of potential homemovers. Rightmove studies have shown that these simple changes can more than double the interest in your property, so speak with I Am The Agent, and we will be happy to offer further advice and ensure your property is presented in the best possible light.



Effective promotion widens the pool of potential home hunters to choose from, thus increasing your chances of successfully letting or selling your property. Choosing the right online agent or traditional agent to help promote your property is vital. We are armed with a wealth local knowledge, trained estate agents, high street shop presents and advice and can give you the intel, so don’t be afraid to ask: Do you have trained estate agents on hand to assist me, where are your offices, are you a Rightmove member agent, are you registered at the property ombudsmen? How will they promote your property? Will all enquiries be handled by them so you are not badgered with sales calls and unwanted enquiries? What are renters or buyers looking for locally? How does your property compare to other competing properties? I Am The Agent supply all of this and more with our online packages for under £100 and this includes a board! 



Finding a property that will give you a good level of rental income and capital growth means understanding which neighbourhoods are attractive to which tenants and why.  Investors need to consider the importance of access to local amenities such as schools and transport links which can all have an impact on potential rental income.

Adding your pad and showcasing your property online takes under 5 minutes with I Am The Agent. If you've followed our presentation tips and are ready to get started ADD YOUR PAD HERE . To give you an EXTRA helping hand, add  voucher code: summeroff12 at the checkout for a £50 discount on the listing fee.

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