Landlord Guide to Spring Sales: Preparing A Property For The New Year

18 January 2013  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

preparing to sell my private property

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for those climbing the property ladder or entering the property market. The enjoyable weather from the end of February onwards is perfect for home inspections and house hunting, and an abundance of buyers, who wished to wait until after the festive season to begin their search, will emerge. The beginning of a new year often means a new start, and for many people this can mean searching for an entirely new property.

Before you can get started and begin to advertise a property online or select a suitable I Am The Agent sell a private property package, you’ll need to get prepared. With another month or two of gloomy weather and shorter sunlight hours, the winter months are the ideal time to get a house or flat into prime condition ready to be sold. Accentuating a property’s best features whilst ensuring it is still neutral enough to attract any buyers is a tough task, but there are certain steps which can be taken to ensure a spring sale in 2013. Follow these tips to present your property in the best possible light…

1. Spring Garden Clear-Up
In the case of many properties, the garden and the exterior of the house is the first thing a prospective buyer will see on approach. First impressions are key, and so the garden needs to be in top condition. Spring is one of the best times of year to cultivate a garden; everything begins to burst into life, and the riotous colour and fresh flowery scents can be a wonderful way to greet potential new tenants. However, making a garden look appealing doesn’t need to involve a team of builders, water feature experts and a landscape gardener. Simply tidying up a lawn and planting some pretty daffodils in flowerbeds can brighten up an outside space with minimal effort.

2. Create A Blank Canvas
When buyers view a property, they need to be able to visualise themselves living there. It can be much more difficult to do this if there are still children’s finger-paintings hanging from the fridge, and photos of distant family members lining every mantelpiece. Neutrality and a sense of detachment is important for those looking to sell. This also stretches to colour schemes and furniture. Loud colours might be exactly what some buyers are looking for, but the majority will be put off by bold colour schemes and items of furniture. Painting or wallpapering all walls in a neutral beige and ensuring all carpets, if not neutral, are clean and well-kept is vital. Small flecks of colour add interest and charm, and can prevent a home from looking too cold and business-like, but the idea is to create a blank canvas for those viewing the property.

3. The Devil Is In The Detail
Living somewhere for many years can mean that homeowners become accustomed to certain aspects of their property and begin to overlook them. Bathroom fixtures, light fittings, the positioning of plug sockets and types of curtain rails are all things to consider when preparing a house for a spring sale. The homeowner may have overlooked the fact that they used extension cables for their hoovers or laptops for many years, but prospective buyers who know what they are looking for might not be so enamoured with the idea of running wires around their homes because of inconveniently placed sockets. The fittings and fixtures should be clean and appear as new; if taps are creaky and temperamental, or if lighting fixtures have become a little worn, it’s important that they are replaced before the potential future owners arrive.

4. Let There Be Light
During the Spring months, bright sunlight will come streaming through the curtains of every home, making rooms appear larger and more airy. It is important to maximise this when trying to sell a home. Don’t just pull open heavy and dark curtains, replace them with a lighter alternative. Install some extra lighting fixtures in areas without windows, such as stairwells and hallways; there are bulbs available which mimic natural daylight which can be used in these areas. Prune trees which cast shadows over rooms or windows, and replace any dim bulbs with a higher wattage to create a ‘wow’ factor in every room.

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