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Why You Should List Your Property Online?

Before the internet, property owners were very limited when it came to advertising their property. It was more about shop windows, flyers and newspapers. However, nowadays, computers, mobile devices and apps offer an array of highly cost effective options that provide an international audience when it comes to either renting or selling your private property.


It’s now become the norm to look online to find a new home. It’s not just estate agents who are offering listings, there are now many other options to find properties online. Many of these sites are very low cost and can provide you with the means to reach a wider audience. For example – here at IAmTheAgent.com we help our private property owners to market through at least 5 other major online property portals.

Here are some of the benefits of listing your property online:

  1. Reach an international audience. Newspapers are only available to those that read them. Shop windows capture an even smaller audience with just those that physically walk past. This equals limited exposure. Online property advertising can reach anybody who has the use of a laptop, computer, tablet, iPad or a smartphone.
  2. You can provide further details. Great advertising is all about giving enough information to make an informed decision and you can certainly do that through online property marketing. You have the opportunity to provide enough detail about why your property is a great investment in addition to giving further information and advantages of the local area (you as the property owner will know this first hand!).
  3. Flexibility. Technology offers the option for personalization, 24 hour property editing, photo management, price adjustments or simple deactivation through a click of a button and easy reactivation when buying an online self letting service package when your property becomes available again.
  4. Affordability. There’s a big difference in price between what a standard estate agent will charge you and what you would pay if you decided to promote your property yourself via an online estate agency. In fact, thousands of pounds.

Online property advertising really does offer a lot of benefits.

If you want to find out more, we also offer a customer service that you won’t find elsewhere, contact us now to sell or rent your private property. We are offering a half price summer discount for you try letting your property yourself just add: ‘summeroff13’ at check out and rent your property online for just £49.50 and get it seen by thousands!


 I Am The Agent have let over 5,000 properties this year alone, totalling in excess £275mn rental properties and deal with over 12,000 genuine enquiries a month. We also have 78,000 active applicants waiting to find their new home, so you are in great hands join the largest online agency today.


We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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