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Why Customer Service Makes All The Difference With Online Property Rental Agents

Landlords can find online property rental quite a challenge, there is a lot to do and as a landlord you want to be certain that you aren’t exposed to legal issues in any way.

Usually landlords opt to take on a traditional estate agents to promote their rental property.They may feel that they will get a better level of customer service. However, that’s not the case with us here at IAmTheAgent.com. We offer a highly personal service to our clients and are known throughout the industry for the level of it.

The reason that we do this is that we’re well aware that one of the common factors of rental success is based on that customer service. Building trust and lasting relationships is especially important in the rental industry.We at I Am The Agent are trained estate agents and truly know and love the business and we like nothing more than to help! 

There are many online rental property services, but most of them don’t offer a personal service to their clients. They are basically a faceless entity that the client will interact with as though it’s a machine. Compare that to us, and you’ll find that most of our working hours (24 hour in fact) are spent on helping clients find the right property for them or helping other clients to rent or sell their property to our website visitors.We are online property match-makers.

Yes, it’s our job to market our site and your property, to attract renters to view each of our listings. We use many of the most current marketing methods to accomplish this and have a large number of visitors each week to our site.

We never push somebody to view a home that doesn’t have the potential to be right for them. After all, we are in the business of providing high quality customer service and that is not what we consider to be good customer service.

To us – good customer services means that we have a thorough knowledge of our listings. We also learn about our customers and we help them to make the best choices for them – all with a friendly and helpful attitude.

If you want help with finding a new property to rent, or you are a landlord looking to rent your property to tenants, then contact us now on 0333 4441 007 see how we can help you.

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