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How to Give Your Rental Property the X Factor

Britain’s favourite talent contest is back on our screens, in the hunt for someone with that something special – that X Factor, if you like. The search for the next superstar and the constant musings about that certain je-ne-sais-quoi that some auditionees are blessed with has got us thinking here at I Am The Agent. If the X Factor was a rental property, instead of the hunt for a singing sensation, what is that magic something that sends rental income soaring?

As one of the country’s leading online letting agents, we’ve come up with a few tips. We can’t promise Simon Cowell will give you the thumbs up, but we can promise a brighter outlook for all landlords!

1.       Joint Viewings

If possible, when arranging viewings at your property, arrange them all at the same time. Take five prospective tenants and show them around at the same time – demonstrate that there is real demand for the property. This will artificially generate a certain X Factor: when people see that something is coveted by a number of people, they’re bound to go to great lengths to secure it for themselves. It’s human nature! If you can’t arrange viewings at the same time, at least try and ensure that, when prospective tenants arrive, they always see another potential resident leaving before them, so they know the property is hotly sought-after.

2.       Gas Safety

It might not be glamorous – and it’s certainly not something Simon Cowell would ever concern himself with – but landlords are legally obliged to provide Gas Safety certificates. Having them on hand at a viewing, and adding them to an ad when letting a property online can reassure potential tenants that they’re in safe hands and have a responsible, safety-conscious landlord.

3.       EPC

Energy Performance Certificates are great for giving a property an extra element of pizzazz. With energy costs sky high, tenants nowadays will be searching for the property that will allow them to be the most efficient, and if a landlord can produce an excellent EPC for a property, they’ll get a ‘yes’ from the most important judges – the tenant.

4.       Photos

It sounds obvious but the better your photos when you’re letting a property online, the more attention your property will receive. Don’t just wander around the property snapping photos on your mobile – tenants will be able to tell if you’ve made an effort on your online advertisement. Borrow a decent camera from a friend, take photos from different angles to capture the property in its best light, make sure everything is neat and tidy and buy in some fresh flowers to brighten up the place. Your property will be sure to have the X Factor on its online ad with these tips.

5.       House, Not Home

If you’re planning on doing a little renovation before you put your property on the rental market, try to remember that you should be modelling it as a house, not a home. Renters want a blank canvas, somewhere they can project their own idea of home. If you kit your flat out with minimal white floors, sharp-angled furniture and futuristic-looking gadgets, you risk alienating the many prospective tenants who prefer a cosy, homely place – and vice versa. Make your pad as neutral as possible to appeal to the broadest spectrum of people. The more people want the property, the more you can justify rent hikes.



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