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Which Rooms Are The Money-Makers When Selling A Property?

If you’re thinking of selling a property online, of course you’ll be thinking of optimising your property to get the best possible return on it. You want to smash the asking price and start a bidding war if you can – so how can you be sure that you’ll get the highest market value for your home?

The secret lies in three key rooms – and here at I Am The Agent, the online estate agency, we’ve pinned them down here for you. With just a few select renovations in certain areas of the house, you could comfortably boost your home’s value – and even boost the asking price in some cases! Let’s take a look at the three different rooms we’ve identified as the money-makers.


Many people see the kitchen as the hub of the home – you could have a spacious property in a prime location, but if your kitchen doesn’t appeal to potential buyers, you may find them starting to look elsewhere or offering under the asking price to ensure they have enough money of their own to renovate the kitchen on moving in.

It’s important to bear in mind the market you’re trying to appeal to. If your home is spacious, with multiple bedrooms and plenty of schools in the area, families will be flocking to viewings in their droves – so you need to ensure the kitchen is homely, cosy and functional for four to five residents. If your property is a flat in a metropolitan area, young couples and professionals will be the main market, so perhaps aim for practicality with useful appliances and clean lines.


The bathroom is something of a sanctuary for many – whether the new owners will be busy parents, young professionals or older residents. Again, your property’s target market is likely going to dictate how you optimise your bathroom. Families will need a bathroom that has a large bath and plenty of space – with a separate shower cubicle if possible. An en suite or a downstairs WC can also push up the value for larger families.

Younger professionals or couples might not have the time for long soaks in the bath, so their priority will be an excellent shower. Retirees bidding on the property may prize extra features like double basins and whirlpool baths for added luxury in their later years – make an effort when renovating the bathroom to ensure it appeals to their needs.

Living Space

The living space also needs to be fully optimised to attract the attention of the broadest number of buyers – and hopefully push up that asking price. These rooms should be practical and spacious – whilst also feeling cosy and homely. It’s a fine line to walk!

Consider things like maintenance – families and young professionals with busy lives might not be able to spend a whole afternoon maintaining their top-of-the-range carpet, so wooden flooring may be a more appealing bet. Rugs can make these rooms feel homely and not too bare. If you’re hoping to appeal to families, consider knocking two rooms into one and making the living space more open-plan – parents love to be able to keep an eye on their children wherever they are in the house, and the large space gives the property more ‘potential’, that buzzword that buyers and online agents alike love.   

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