How to save money selling your property online

26 January 2015  |  I-Am-The-Agent  |  0 Comments

When selling a property, you no doubt want to get as much as you can for it. The more you sell it for, however, typically the more you’ll need to shell out in estate agents fees.

Estate agents fees range anywhere from 1.25% right up to 2.5% - meaning, if you sold your home for the UK average of £272,000 and paid mid level estate agents fees of 1.75%, you would shell out £4,760 in costs – ouch!

That is money that could be put towards your new home or even a well-deserved holiday after all the stress of moving!

That is why more people are turning to online estate agents.

Why use an online estate agent?

There are many benefits to selling a property online – with cost being the most important factor. Many online estate agents charge a fixed cost to advertise your home – our service is just £299 including VAT for example -  meaning you can save yourself thousands of pounds.

On top of this, more and more people are using the Internet to search for property first rather than popping down to a local office so you need to make sure your property is listed on as many online portals as possible.  The three major portals in the UK at this time are Zoopla, Prime Location and Rightmove. 

When you choose an online estate agency service, do make sure that they list your property with these sites.   Between them, they have millions of visitors every month.  You will find that most estate agents will list on these sites as well and will drive lots of enquiries – so you can simply go direct and as we have seen, save yourself a lot of money.


Why are online estate agents cheap? 

Online services don’t have the overheads of running a chain of offices and employing lots of staffBecause we deal with the initial enquiries, you will then respond to them directly and carry out viewings directly (cutting out the middleman), then, again saving you thousands by using an online estate agency. This means you get all the benefits of being advertised on major online property sites without needing to pay a lot.


 You also benefit from being in control of your sale or rental, so are not at the mercy of waiting for your estate agent to ring you about viewings / updates etc.


 Furthermore, it can be much faster to get your property listed as you can take the photos and complete the property descriptions - you don’t have to book an appointment for an agent to come around and take pictures and measure up. 


 In fact, you could possibly still have the property details from when you bought your home.  If you are worried about how to take stage and take pictures don’t be there are lots of helpful advice online:

 are just two examples to give you some ideas.  And with smartphones you could even record a video as well.  You have all the technology in your hand that you will need to help sell or rent your home online.


 As you can see, using an online estate is a great way to get your property potentially sold faster and cheaper than using a traditional estate agent.


 I Am The Agent will sell your property online for just £299inc VAT and let your property on all major property portals for just £99inc VAT for a period of up to 6 months!


 Start saving today at I Am The Agent.