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Some IATA handy hints to get your property ready for winter marketing

It appears Autumn is well and truly upon us, the leaves have turned a golden shade and the nights have drawn in. Halloween costumes can now be put back into storage and we can all look forward to the festive season fast approaching!

Whilst traditionally the warmer months are seen as the better months to bring a property to market, doing so in winter can also have its advantages, especially if done bearing a few tips in mind.

There may generally be fewer properties on the market, as buyers tend to look to move before winter sets in, or before the new school year begins; students have usually found their pad for the new university year by now and holiday schedules tend to dictate timing for prospective buyers or renters to view properties.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for those looking to market their property for sale or rental. There can be a number of advantages for both buyers and sellers. With less supply, sellers face less competition. Buyers also have the advantage of potentially having a bit more room for negotiation, especially if a seller has had fewer offers. 

Here are some tips to bear in mind:

Is the property warm and winter ready?

Some buyers prefer to view in winter to test whether heating systems work well enough to keep the property warm and to see if potential problems with damp, water ingress and ventilation are an issue to be concerned with. With this in mind, make sure you have the heating on or the fireplace lit during a viewing, or just before.

Check the property for signs of damp. Nothing can be more of a turn-off to buyers than that tell-tale damp patch, which could indicate expensive repairs down the line.

Keep your drains and downpipes clear to ensure the winter rains don’t cause havoc with water leakage and potentially expensive repairs. Ensure exterior cracks and gaps aren’t hiding potential problems, particularly in roofing.

If the property feels overly draughty, perhaps it might be time to invest in double glazing. Not only will this keep the property less draughty and warmer, it has the advantage of reducing your winter bills. Remember funky draught excluders don’t cost much but will add a bit of colour and keep a room toasty.

If you have a fireplace, remember to call in a chimney sweep before the weather turns bad to check for any signs of cracks, damage or blockages. This will keep it working efficiently over the colder months. Check out our blog on the importance of having a chimney swept.

Ensure your hot water system has been serviced before the winter months. This will flag up any potential problems before the cold sets in, and help to avoid any repair bills later on. You can’t show a freezing home to potential purchasers!

 Is the property well lit?

It goes without saying that a well-lit room gives a more positive impression. This can be a bit harder to manage in winter, so ensure curtains and blinds are kept open if viewing during the daytime.

Ensure all the lights in each room are switched on to show the room to maximum effect, in both daylight and evening. Remember that lighting creates its own ambience so make sure the lighting styles and levels are right for each room.

Does the house look inviting?

Finally, it’s often the finishing touches that create the greatest impression. If you have an open fireplace, it will always look more welcoming if it’s kept on.

Keep lounge areas and bedrooms looking snug with fluffed-up cushions and throws. Low lighting in certain areas can help to keep the room look cosy during evening viewings.

Although the winter months can be gloomy, joining the housing market needn’t be a gloomy proposition too if you are considering marketing your property now.

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