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Should I stay or should I go? Some tips on leaving home for the first time ...

Although a lot of our parents owned properties before the age of 30, life in the UK has changed drastically and living alone as a young adult is becoming increasingly difficult.  Moving out of your parents’ house is without a doubt one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make as an adult, but a survey done by The Student Room showed that 47% of young people believe the right age to move away from home is between 22-24. We’ve decided to provide you with a few pros and cons for consideration before finally packing up your things and starting your new life.

Nothing tastes better than independence/freedom

After two decades of having your parents override almost every decision you’ve ever made to ‘protect’ you, it’s about time you experienced life exactly how you want to experience it. Living alone comes with a great deal of independence, and you’ll soon learn understand that there’s more to life than staying out late and spending money on takeaways each night. Moving away from home will definitely teach you how to manage your finances, but also you’ll learn how to enjoy the simpler things in life – like deciding between pasta and pizza for dinner.

Your parents need their space just as much as you do.

You don’t want to be the child that throws your 30th birthday party in your parents’ living room and they decide to make a special appearance whilst you and your mates are about to down your 7th shot of tequila. This is extremely awkward for both parties and although your parents may not actively ask you to leave, I’m sure they’ve dropped loads of hints, ie the fact that you’ve outgrown your room or how your car takes up too much space on the driveway. Do these comments sound familiar? It’s time to become a man/woman and give them some space – they’ve spent the most part of their life looking after you and deserve some alone time. Take a hint!

Can’t afford to buy a property? Renting is also good option

Gone are the days when you could own your own pad by the age of 18, especially in London. According to The Knight Frank report (The Guardian), a quarter of all households in the UK will rent privately by 2021; it also predicts a slightly faster growth in the number of renters under 25. So if you’re thinking of moving out, take your time to find a property you can afford and are happy to live in for a couple of years. Most estate agents charge tenant fees, and this makes moving around quite costly. However, I Am The Agent won’t charge you any fees for properties found through our site – I know, we’re amazing.

The longer you stay in the parental cave, the harder it will become to leave

Developmental psychologists believe that our 20s are some of the most crucial and formative years in our lives, and the majority of all adult habits and accomplishments developed during this time set the foundation for a successful future. Staying at home with parents means you aren't out doing things, making decisions and having independent life experiences. Living on your own is definitely a series of character-building achievements, negative and positive, that you won't get watching soaps with your mum or drinking all your dad's beer.

With these points in mind, I hope you realise that moving out of your parents’ home isn’t a decision to make hastily – it requires a lot of thought. Before you even think of leaving, do your research, find the perfect space and avoid paying tenant fees by using I Am The Agent. Check out our property listings here.

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