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Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter can really take its toll on your finances, so it’s essential to keep your energy costs as low as possible until the warmer months arrive. Here are five super ‘Winter Energy Saving Tips’ to help you survive the harsh weather conditions in the meantime.

Increase the layers of clothes you wear

Probably the most obvious one, but wearing thicker items of clothing, or the creepy Christmas jumper your nan bought you last Christmas, is probably the most efficient way of staying warm this winter. If you’re like me and you don’t like wearing huge jumpers indoors, buy yourself a hot water bottle and a snuggly blanket instead.

Find and seal leaks

Sometimes, especially in older buildings, air can leak through windows and around utility cut-throughs for pipes. It’s important to learn how to detect and seal these gaps as having to increase the temperature in your home to cover the heat loss is a rather foolish way of spending your money. Try adding caulk or weather-stripping adhesive/tape to seal air leaks around leaky doors and windows too.

Change you Supplier

Remember, prices vary between different energy supplying companies. Visiting comparison sites such as Uswitch to compare the costs of different energy suppliers in your area will allow you to find the cheapest tariffs available. Find yourself a better deal and save. 

Keep items off your radiators

Don’t overload your radiators with drying clothes or block them in with furniture. You want the heat to circulate around your room freely.

Get an app

Most energy companies now provide you with a thermostat that can connect to your mobile phone – allowing you to control the temperature in your home remotely. Download apps such as Hive. The app keeps you updated with the temperature of your home even when you’re out and allows you to change it when you like.

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