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Autumn maintenance for landlords!

Autumn is near!

The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and schools are back in class. With the new season fast approaching, it's time to look at autumn property maintenance. Autumn is the perfect time to uncover issues at your property that may require fixing before the cold weather hits, and to repair minor jobs before they turn into expensive projects. 




  • Bleed the radiators. Air bubbles can gather in radiators when they’ve been switched off over the summer and bleeding them is required to make sure they operate correctly.
  • Check the central heating system. The most common time for boiler issues occurs in autumn when tenants begin to use the heating again. Be proactive and inspect the boiler, thermostat, and everything else now so that you’re ready for winter.
  • Service the boiler. Broken boilers can have disastrous consequences if neglected. A certified Gas Safe registered engineer should check boilers.
  • Check for mould in typical areas such as the bathroom and kitchen before the weather gets colder and the problem becomes worse. Mouldy sealants around the bath or shower are inevitable, so replacing the sealant and re-grouting the bathroom is a quick and simple job that will significantly improve the appeal of your property.
  • Check for drafts. Drafts can increase heating bills and make your property less comfortable for your tenants. Make sure your property is free of drafts by checking and fixing around windows and doors. It’s also a good idea to install draft excluders throughout the house to prevent the entry of animals and other pests seeking warmth.
  • Make sure you’re insulated. From April 1, 2020, most residential properties should have an E energy rating on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to comply with the law. You should ensure that wall cavities are filled and that your loft insulation is at least 270 mm thick. Though these improvements may cause some disturbance for your tenants, they will result in a warmer, more energy-efficient home – which is always welcome.
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