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Saving money on your heating bills over winter.


1. Insulate Yourself

One great way to reduce the amount of energy that you are using is to insulate your home as much as possible. By reducing the amount of heat that is lost through your home you will be able to retain heat and pay less to keep your house warm. Home insulation might require an initial outlay but you may find that there are grants available (check with your energy supplier and the government) and it is absolutely worth it in the long run.

Loft, cavity wall or floor insulation and double glazing installation can make their money back in savings within a couple of years and are some of the most effective ways to cut your energy bills. It’ll also help to keep your house cool in the summer too!


2. Get a Bunded Oil Tank

Many rural properties will have an oil tank to store the oil that is used for a number of functions in your home. These tanks can often crack or leak in some way which means that valuable oil could be wasted.

A bunded oil tank adds extra layers of protection onto the tank, meaning that it is less likely to leak or break, and therefore reducing the likelihood of wasting expensive oil. Double skinned oil tanks are a great oil storage solution as they are both highly versatile and durable.


3. Switch Energy Suppliers

Many people are able to make savings on their energy bills by switching their energy supplier. More and more companies offer special deals and it is usually just a case of finding the best deal to suit you and your circumstances. You can use comparison websites to find the best deal for you – and the energy companies are keen to have you onboard that they will do most of the work.

Energy companies will often roll you onto a default tariff – which may be higher than the tariff that they used to initially attract you.

Make sure that you regularly submit your meter readings to stop your energy supplier from estimating them. An estimate may be higher than your actual meter reading.


4. Smart is the Way Forward

Smart meters are an excellent resource to show you exactly how much you are spending on energy in your home. These can be really good for focusing on energy use. Smart thermostats are also an excellent way to reduce the amount of energy that you are using. With a smart thermostat, you can ensure that the heating is on only when you are going to be at home and help you to make sure that you aren’t heating it up unnecessarily.


5. Be Energy Aware

There are many smaller things that you can do which can be instrumental in keeping your winter heating bills down.

Some of these include:

  • Put on an extra layer of clothes instead of turning up the thermostat
  • Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees
  • Turn off any appliances when you aren’t using them (and don’t leave them on stand-by either)
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers
  • Keep your freezer as full as possible
  • Change to energy-saving LED lightbulbs
  • Wash your clothes at a lower temperature (try 30°C max)
  • Get your boiler serviced so that it is working as efficiently as possible
  • Do an energy survey and carry out their recommendations
  • Reduce draughts
  • Bleed your radiators

In addition to bigger changes, there are many smaller ways that you can start to reduce energy wastage in your home and therefore save money on your winter energy and heating bills. Whether you are doing it for financial reasons or others, there is no excuse for wastage, especially when it is something as valuable as energy.


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