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Getting your homes fit for summer

Summer is (almost) here, and while the cold temperatures are on their way out, there’s often still a number of important maintenance jobs to be done in the home. I Am The Agent shares some advice around preparing for summer when it comes to property maintenance.

The longer days and additional daylight hours make summer a great time to start that new home improvement project you’ve been thinking about over the last few months but haven’t quite got round to just yet. 

Or, to carry out a general refresh, so your property is in the best condition for your tenants ahead of winter. Whatever the motivation, here are some of our top tips for home maintenance during the warmer months to help keep your property in shape:

  1. Check your doors and windows
    A lot of doors and window frames are made of uPVC, which can expand when temperatures rise. This causes difficulty in shutting or locking them and can be both frustrating and unsettling for tenants if they don’t feel secure. In the heat of the moment, sometimes people try to use force to shut windows or doors, which could end up damaging them - and result in costly repairs for you.

    If you come across the problem of expanding windows and doors, it’s worth waiting for evening when the temperature drops and the uPVC contracts again making it easier to close. If you can’t wait around you can always try pouring cold water on the frame but it’s unlikely to help on very hot days. If you continue to have problems you may need to adjust the hinges to help fix the issue.
  2. Insulate your pipes
    It might be too hot to wear a jacket in the summer, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to the pipework in your property. Ensuring your pipes are sufficiently insulated year-round, helps reduce heat loss when the hot water is running through them. Effective insulation also means your pipes are far less likely to burst due to the water freezing inside the pipe when the temperatures start to drop again.

    Checking your pipes are insulated is also a great opportunity to make sure there are no leaks, which could cause bigger problems later on. You could also look at fitting an automated stop valve or leak detectors to give you additional peace of mind.
  3. Remove uninvited guests
    We don’t mean neighbours popping round unexpectedly after spotting you’ve fired up the BBQ, we’re talking about insects and rodents that have settled into your home.  A lot of open doors and windows makes it easier for unwanted pests to enter the home and make themselves comfortable.

    Wasps have a knack of ruining a picnic and during summer they come out in force, often building nests in lofts, gardens, the side of a house or anywhere they can get to. Removing them is sometimes awkward given the places they settle, you also don’t want to end up with nasty stings, so it’s worth getting an expert in to do the job for you.

Make the most of the sunnier days
Over Winter, engineers are in high demand, dealing with broken boilers and burst pipes but in Summer you can make the most of their quieter period and tick off some important jobs.

Now is the perfect time to make sure your gas safety certificate is valid and book in a boiler service if you need one. Book an expert to check your home's EPC rating and what advice they have to improve it, especially important now with the new regulations coming in. These can all be purchased under the purchase extra section of your I Am The Agent account portal.

Doing all of this now will mean you can sit back, soak up the sun and relax knowing your property is in good shape. 

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