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I Am The Agent over a Traditional Estate Agent

Choosing I Am The Agent over a traditional estate agent in the UK offers several advantages:


Cost-Effectiveness: I Am The Agent charge lower fees compared to traditional high street agents. This can result in significant savings, especially given the high costs associated with selling a property.

Convenience and Flexibility: I Am The Agent provide the ability to manage your property at any time, from anywhere. This can be particularly valuable for those with busy schedules who may find it difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings with traditional agents.

Transparency: I Am The Agent offer transparent pricing structures and services. Sellers can often see upfront what they will be paying for and what services are included, avoiding hidden costs.

Technology and Innovation: I Am The Agent uses the latest technology, including virtual tours, online dashboards, and digital marketing strategies, which can enhance the property viewing experience and reach a wider audience.

Wider Reach: Properties listed with I Am The Agent are advertised on major property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla & Prime Location, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential buyers.

Customer Reviews: I Am The Agent have a 5-star customer rating with reviews available online, allowing sellers to make informed decisions based on others' experiences.

DIY Options: For sellers who prefer a hands-on approach, I Am The Agent offer packages that allow them to conduct their own viewings and negotiations, giving them more control over the process.

Speed: I Am The Agent are known for their efficiency and speed in listing properties and arranging viewings, which can be beneficial for sellers looking to move quickly.


Using a traditional estate agent in the UK can have several disadvantages:

Higher Fees: Traditional estate agents often charge higher fees, typically as a percentage of the sale price. This can amount to a significant sum.

Limited Flexibility: Traditional agents usually operate within standard office hours, which might not be convenient for all sellers. Arranging meetings and viewings may require more planning and coordination.

Potential for Hidden Costs: There can be additional charges for certain services, which may not be included in the initial fee quote.

Slower Processes: The processes of traditional estate agents can sometimes lead to slower responses and delays in the sale process, particularly if the agent is handling multiple properties.

Less Transparency: Traditional agents might not always provide as much transparency regarding the progress of your sale. Sellers may not have real-time access to information and updates as they would with an online dashboard.

Less Control: Sellers often have to rely on the agent for all aspects of the sale, which can mean less direct control over the process. For example, the agent usually handles all viewings and negotiations.

Potential for Lower Reach: While traditional agents market properties locally and sometimes regionally, they might not have the same extensive online presence as I Am The Agent, potentially reaching fewer potential buyers.

Inconsistency in Service: The quality of service can vary significantly between different branches and individual agents, leading to inconsistency in the seller’s experience.

Pressure Tactics: Some traditional agents might use high-pressure sales tactics to secure a quick sale, which may not always be in the best interest of the seller.


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