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How do I Am the Agent compare with Emoov?

You can find elsewhere in our FAQ section comparisons of our charges and services with Purplebricks
and Yopa. This note looks at Emoov’s services and charges in detail.

The quickest way to see the services and charges of each online estate agent is to refer to our neat little comparison table where you can quickly check out prices across the board and see where you are getting best value for your hard- earned money when selling your house online.

I Am the Agent was established in 2009 and offered the first truly 24/7 enquiry line and service way back then, with a 24/7 tenant and buyer hotline, so we never miss a lead. We have let and sold over 9,000 properties, so we know our market.

The Emoov headline upfront fee for a sale is £795 for 12 months’ marketing time, compared to £399 at I Am the Agent.  That’s an extra £396 with Emoov. Think what you could do with the saving!

Emoov are currently offering a zero interest pay later option, but we all know that these zero interest options can disappear later and then it becomes 49.9% APR.  We tend to encourage our clients not to  take pay later options due to the fact they can really get you in deep water if you don’t have the funds in place on the due date as well as the fact it can affect your credit rating when taking a mortgage out. It’s great to have the peace of mind knowing you have paid the one-off upfront fee already and can therefore concentrate on the other expenses that come with moving home. There’s nothing worse than being presented with a big bill you had forgotten about just at the time when you have other big expenses
for the move.

We equally, like Emoov, have an excellent Trustpilot rating. We offer assisted viewings if our sellers need help with that aspect of the sale, but Emoov don’t offer this service. We give all the services of a traditional estate agent but for a fraction of the price. Our clients can take add on as many of the optional services as they wish, but these are truly optional and there are no hidden extras.

In terms of both charges and services, our online sales package wins hands down for value.

From the start, the I Am The Agent ethos has been ‘transparency, savings and a trusted community’. So here is a quick breakdown of what we offer. The savings are HUGE, check it out for yourself:

So do check out the comparisons in the table above before parting with your hard earned cash.


Property Price   £60,000

Local Agent: 1.5% fee for the above property value = £900

I Am The Agent : £399 including photos, board and valuation

I Am The Agent Saving: £501

Emoov Fee: £795

Emoov Saving: just £105

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