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How do Rightmove Featured and Premium property listings work?

Advertise your property on Rightmove with a Featured Listing

So, you are reaching millions by marketing on Rightmove and Zoopla (ZPG) and you are thinking 'Should I upgrade my listing on Rightmove and stand out even more?' Searching online for property is the first port of call for any savvy buyers and with Rightmove receiving over 120 million hits per month you are on the right site! In fact it's the fifth most-visited in the UK.

We wanted to give you the lowdown on Featured and Premium listings on Rightmove in case you would like to bump your property up and give it the pizzazz it deserves.

Here a few additional extras that you can add to your package, which will help you stand out from the crowd on Rightmove.

Rightmove Featured Listing highlights:

Rightmove Premium Listing highlights:


If you would like to purchase extras and bump up your Rightmove listing please call: 0333 4441 007 or login to your account and add the extras.

Examples of all three types of listing (Featured, Premium and standard) are shown beow for easy reference: