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How do I prepare my property for sale?

Here are some tips on preparing your property for sale with an online estate agent.

People have several reasons for selling, from disposing of an investment property to simply moving home, or even a relationship split or the sad loss of a loved one. Whatever the reason, you need the right support and the best way to sell your asset.

Once you have decided to sell up, think about what you want to include in the sale. Normally, fixtures and fittings such as fitted storage heaters, fitted wardrobes and doors are included in the price, but other moveable things can be up for negotiation.

Perhaps it’s an appropriate time to make up a list and think about a price you would like to get for them, ready for when you have an offer. If you are getting rid of items you no longer need, do it before you start marketing your property as the less clutter you have the faster your house will sell. Many councils take heavy items away, sometimes for free. 

Also there are many websites on which you can sell them to make some money, such as, Shpock, or even be a generous saint of a person and give them away on Freecycle

Get together a list or document of useful facts about your property, which you can mention to potential buyers and renters, such as:

In addition, you could think of going one better and giving potential buyers some other information; this is optional but it could also speed up the conveyancing process) :  

Good luck, and always remember no agent, whether freelance or the local tour guide, can sell a property better than the homeowner who spent thousands on it! I Am The Agent is a group of passionate property and tech experts, so don’t worry we are always on hand to help you along your merry way. We sell properties on all major property websites for just £399 and we can help you with valuations and pro photos. We also have agents across the UK to assist you with viewings.