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What about a for sale board?

We think I Am The Agent 'For Sale' or 'To Let' boards are a must! We predict you will get 70% more enquiries from the sign, so it's a great investment. You would be surprised how many passers-by see our striking board!

How do you put it up and where does it go? Here is a guide (it's a lot easier then it sounds - we promise :).)
This is a general guide as each property will vary. If you have any reservations about your own ability to erect your board yourself, we strongly recommend that you employ the services of a professional carpenter. We accept no responsibility for any injuries or damage caused by erecting the sign.

Using I Am The Agent letting and sale boards is a very effective way of marketing your property. Our professionally made property boards are an excellent form of local advertising. Be sure to erect them in a clear position that will alert all prospective tenants and buyers to your property. Our clearly marked website address will give potential tenants the opportunity to view your property online and find out more information before making further enquiries.