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Property Viewing Advice during Covid-19

If you are happy to continue face-to-face viewings be sure to ask if those you are meeting have been abroad, confirm they are showing no signs of the virus before the viewing takes place. Please follow the link from the NHS for the symptoms HERE

We know it is very important to protect ourselves and our loved ones during this troubling time, so before you take yourself out of self-isolation or travel, please re-confirm the viewing is going ahead with the potential property owner, buyers and tenants. The government are constantly updating their advice and policy on Covid-19, so please do check the government guidelines on Covid-19 constantly here is a link. 

Here are some suggestions on alternatives to face-to-face viewings from I Am The Agent:

Do you own an iphone or iPad? Why not call on FaceTime.

If you have an Android or any Smart Phone with a camera you could use WhatsApp video call. Here is a link to a free download of the software. Both services are free and operate through your mobile data or Wi-fi. With this video call service, you can call from a mobile number or email you can do a 360 tour of the property. 

With voice communication and video, you can ask questions and guide the caller through the property. 

This is a great alternative in the current situation if you are concerned by being in contact with others. As ever our clients are at the heart of what we do and please never send monies without the correct documentation and protocol.

When pre-recording your video/virtual tour here are some handy tips: 

  • Perhaps take individual videos of each room. Each video clip should be around 10-15 seconds. By videoing each room separately you can then edit them individually rather than re-record the entire shoot but listen whatever you feel comfortable with you are the director!
  • Keep your camera at the same height throughout the video walk-around, perhaps head height or chest height if you are on the tall side, take a still to check the visual and make sure sure all is clear in the room, choose perhaps landscape for wide rooms and portrait for tight bathrooms or WC's (remember to not be visible in mirrors!).
  • Pace is key, don't rush around, but also don't move at a snail's pace, get it right to keep the enquirers interested and keep a steady pace as you walk around. When you enter each room pan the camera slowly around the room to give viewers a real feel for the size and room aspects.
  • Walk through the home as you would on a normal viewing and include the exterior, garden, view of outbuildings, view of driveway/approach, main entrance, hallway, lounge, kitchen, bedroom/s, bathroom/s and upstairs etc. 
  • Don't forget to show off any special elements of the property, high ceilings, beautiful views, open fires, extra storage and so on.

Please visit our guide/blog on adding a virtual viewing to your listing HERE

As a property technology company we have already added steps to allow the entire team to work remotely and our customer support will be on hand to assist you during this turbulent time.

Our customer services team will continue to be on hand to support you during your property marketing and whilst searching for a home/investment.

Please stay safe and be kind.

The I Am The Agent Team